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The Land of Oz is now shrouded in darkness. The magic that once made it whole now lays shattered and broken. And people once friends now stand divided.

The battle  has begun to save Oz before everything is laid to waste as the wicked start to rise once moreIs there a way to save Oz and all those in it? Is there a way to stop the

In the weeks that have passed since the royal wedding, the lines of good and evil have become blurred. Those once in power are now weak as their enemies grow strong, but an even greater evil now threatens them all. 

An ancient and powerful magic that lies within the land has been disturbed; magic so dark it threatens everyone in it.

Dorothy and her friends will do anything they can to fight for their home, but it comes at a cost.

Blood will flow on the Yellow Brick road for everything has its price.  
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Get Caught Up With Book One In The New Series Bringing A Dark Twist On A Classic Favorite


Long ago the Land of Oz lived in fear of the evil sisters, the Wicked Witches of the East and West. Their reign of terror seemed endless, their power unstoppable, until the day Dorothy Gale arrived on the tail of a cyclone and freed the people of Oz from the Wicked Sisters once and for all.

Years have passed since the death of the Wicked and Oz now thrives under a new ruler, an honorable queen who has brought peace throughout the land and unity to the four quadrants. But in order to protect the land of her ancestors, and to ensure that the past can never be repeated, magic has become restricted. Only privileged few can use its power, but under strict training and oversight to ensure that a new generation of wicked never arises.

Dorothy Gale is now all grown up and entering a new chapter in her life. Having returned to Oz years before with her family to make a new life for them all, Dorothy, now crowned Princess of Oz, is finally getting her fairy tale ending. But in order to be the princess that Oz needs, Dorothy will have to learn that not everything is as it seems because as with every new beginning, there comes an end.

Deep in the shadows a new evil is lurking, more powerful and dangerous than anything Oz has ever faced before; a new unsuspecting evil that will tear Dorothy's life apart in ways she could never have imagined.

Loyalties will be tested and friendships will end.

Will Dorothy be able to defeat the rising evil?

Can she trust those closest to her?

Everything will change because OZ WILL FALL.
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